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About Carver County

Explore Carver County, Minnesota

Founded in 1855 and named for the explorer Jonathan Carver, Carver County is a beautiful landscape of rolling farmland, natural prairies, woodlands, lakes, and rivers. Located southwest of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Carver County is home to eleven cities where you’ll find nearly endless opportunities to explore unique and vibrant communities.

Carver County, MN city map

Where’s Carver County?

Carver County is located 20 miles southwest of Minneapolis and is one of the fastest-growing counties in the Twin Cities metro area based on population, housing, and business expansion.

Carver County is home to the communities of:

Woodlands in Carver County


Before the area was settled, Carver County was covered by dense forests of oak, elm, maple, and cottonwood trees. While many of the trees have been cleared for farms or communities, you can still find picturesque forests and protected areas where woodlands thrive throughout the county.

Fireman’s Park – Chaska, MN
Prairies in Carver County


Unique prairie ecosystems of savannas and prairies can be found in Carver County. Today, less than 2% of Minnesota’s prairie habitat remains from the 18 million acres that once stretched across the state. Natural prairies still exist here, and restorations in area parks and preserves offer places where you can explore the unique natural beauty of a Minnesota prairie.

Lowry Nature Center – Victoria, MN
Agriculture & Farming

Agriculture & Farming

Carver County has a rich history of agriculture and farming, beginning with the early immigrants who settled in the area and continuing still today.  Take a drive through the county and you’ll see rolling fields filled with corn, wheat, and soybeans and other crops, along with dairy farms, horse pastures, and lovely rural scenery.

At the Farm – Waconia, MN
Lakes, Rivers & Streams in Carver County


With its 10,000+ lakes, Minnesota has lots of water, and Carver County is no exception! There are 115 lakes in the county plus many ponds and wetland areas. The Minnesota and Crow Rivers flow through Carver County along with a number of creeks and streams.

Lake Waconia – Waconia, MN

Find More in Carver County

The organizations below support the businesses and visitor resources in their communities and are a wonderful resource for finding places to explore during your time in Carver County. Click on the logos below to visit their websites and explore the opportunities waiting for you here in Carver County!

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